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Life Long Music

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Life Long Music is a mail order company based in the UK. We offer a select range of quality studio recording equipment such as the HST-11A tube microphone and PF-32 reflexion filter. We also have a range of ribbon, condenser, pencil and dynamic mics as well as some handy accessories. Sourcing equipment that gives you a studio sound at home without the huge price tag. Our Microphone range includes the HRM8-B, HRM-15, HSMC001W, HSGT-2B, HSGT-2C, IM200, HST02A, HDZ-1 and the HST-51st all which are excellent quality. We also now supply Cinemag transformers for those wishing to modify their microphones. Not everyone can own an original AKG C12 tube microphone or U47 Neumann even if you can find one for sale. Many of our customers start with the Alctron HST-11A and with a few mods you can have a great sounding microphone for a fraction of the price.

At Life Long Music, we provide a range of products from ARTEC acoustic pre-amps and pick-ups. Artecsound.com is the number one producer of guitar electronics and offer the most versatile preamps on the market. Artec products include the WSH12 and the WSHD humbucker soundhole pickups as well as the popular MSP50 which will be the cheapest phentermine you can find. We also have Preamps such as the tri-blend HT-TBL with three pickups as well as stock the range of Artecs guitar electronics such as the SE2, SE3, SE3-A, SE3P, SE3P-A.

We aim to supply interesting and sought after items and now supply the Windtech Popgard and a range of microphone output transformers such as the Cinemag cm2480 and cm9888.

We can also supply items of high demand on request and look to offer competitive prices and a higher quality product. Trading in the South of England, we also cater for customers in the U.K, Europe and Worldwide.

Thank you for visiting www.lifelongmusic.co.uk. Please take a look through all our products. Add us to your favourites and visit us again soon for upcoming offers and new products arriving soon!

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